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Get started today:

  1. Add a new smartphone with monthly device payments to your cart.

    You must be a new customer or an existing Verizon customer adding a line to your account.

  2. When prompted, click “trade in old device.”

    You will be taken to the device trade-in page to appraise your old phone, which must be linked to the number you’re transferring to Verizon.

  3. Enter the number you want to switch to Verizon.

    When you receive your new phone, activate it. Your number will transfer over and your old contract will end.

After you place your order:

  1. Within 5 days, you’ll receive a box to return your old phone.

    Send us your old phone in good working condition.

  2. Claim your offer.

    Gather the following information before you get started: the final bill from your old carrier, the email with your order confirmation and trade-in details and the promo code 54-456. To redeem the offer, visit vzw.com/switch.

  3. Receive your prepaid card.

    If you had an outstanding balance for your old device, you’ll receive up to $650. Or if you just paid an early termination fee, you’ll receive up to $350.

When we say better matters, we mean it.

Only Verizon ranks highest in three leading studies, in multiple tests, year after year. Can your network say that?

Verizon wins six out of six national categories 7 times in a row.

According to RootMetrics, the largest independent third-party tester of wireless network performance, Verizon is still #1 in speed, data, call, text, reliability and overall network performance in the U.S.

And after 3,676,470 tests, 265,386 miles driven, 4,249 indoor locations tested, and 100% of the population covered, it's safe to say they've done the research to prove it.

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#1 Overall Performance. #1 Network Reliability. #1 Network Speed. #1 Data Performance. #1 Call Performance. #1 Text Performance.

When customers feel the difference between our network and the competition, that's when better really matters.

Verizon has ranked #1 in network performance satisfaction for 35 consecutive quarters, based on analysis of the latest data from Nielsen.

That means for eight years running, customers have been happier with Verizon’s network performance.

PC Mag awards Verizon for the third year in a row.

A better network means faster uploads, faster downloads and less buffering.

PC Mag drove across the U.S. to test data speeds, and Verizon won in more cities and rural areas than any other carrier.

“The nation's largest wireless carrier had the fastest and most consistently broadband-like download speeds in testing, as well as some breathtaking peak speeds.” – PC Mag, 2016